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How to write strong introductions and conclusions

Essay writing requires one to be creative and have knowledge on various structural and grammatical rules. A typical essay usually consists of three parts; Introduction, body and the conclusion. One is required to come up with a thesis or an argument and in the body support these arguments with persuasive points. The structure may vary but it the form is usually the same; in the introduction paragraph you introduce your thesis or argument. The main body may contain two to three paragraphs and it is here that you explain your key points supporting your thesis. You can introduce graphs and charts to support your points and make them more credible to the audience. The conclusion then summarizes the whole article. Writing introductions and conclusions is a complex affair. Many experienced writers still struggle in writing perfect introductions and conclusions. We have the best essay writers online who deliver top notch cheap essays.

How Professional Essay writers write introductions


This is the first paragraph a reader will read in an essay. If it is not well written writers will usually form a negative opinion on the rest of the essay. Writers usually spend a lot of time just to have a perfect introduction. When writing your essay you will introduce your theme in the introduction paragraph. Most writers prefer to write the rest of the essay body and then return at a later time to write the introduction. It is time consuming and the pressure to right that perfect introduction often leads to stress amongst writers. We have professional essay writers who will help you write that perfect essay at within a short period of time. Our writers ensure that all parts of the essay connect together.


You need to choose your words carefully when you are doing an introduction. Choose words that will grab the attention of your audience and encourage them to keep on reading. You can introduce the audience to a scene filled with suspense. If online essay writer loses the readers in the introduction phase it will be very hard to bring them on board again. Good introduction differentiate mediocre writers from the rest. Writing one comes with experience and the more you write the better you become. If writing an essay is a challenge you can buy an essay from us online. Our team of best essay writers online will ensure that you have an essay that will leave readers clued to every word that you say.


Your voice

Your voice should clearly come out when writing the introduction. Do not try to be somebody else but present your opinions and ideas to the audience. Readers want to find out what is this essay all about, what are your views concerning this topic. Many writers in an effort to impress their audience may take an author’s work and try to pass them as their own. The readers will soon find out when they realize that their different voices in the essay.


Introduce your theme

It’s in the introduction part that you introduce your audience to what your essay is all about. You will need to reinstate the main topic and introduce your key points which you will explain further in the main body. The introduction mainly comprises 10 percent of the main essay and should therefore be as brief as possible. Do not use a lot fluffy or complicated words that may confuse the readers. Get to the main point as fast as you can without taking readers in circles.

Bring out main statistical references and show how serious the problem you’re going to solve is.  If topic is about unemployment tell your readers how crucial the topic is. You may need to write the rest of the essay and then come back to the introduction armed with more facts. Essay writer online can also quote from your best sources and introduce your experts at this stage. This helps your writer know the quality of your research from the onset. You can give the reader your reasons for choosing a particular topic.

How professional essay writer handle the Conclusions in Essays


Writing a good conclusion is an art that many writers aspire to acquire. This is usually your last chance to engage your audience and convince your audience on the strength of your arguments. You may need to read your thesis again before writing a conclusion. We have essay writers for pay who will ensure that you get a first class article within your timelines.

Restate main Idea in your essay

The conclusion is the final chance to leave a lasting impression to your readers. When writing an essay there is a key theme that appears in the essay, this needs to be restated when you are concluding. The conclusion should be short but it should be written in such a way that the reader remembers what you were writing about. At Essay service we have writers who will polish your essay to give it a perfect conclusion. You can also buy an essay with us cheaply.

Summarize your three main points

In the body of an essay their arguments that you have presented, these need to be highlighted again when you are doing a conclusion. Easy essay writer can rephrase and then come up with a verdict on arguments presented. The conclusion does not present any new information but the aim is to remind the reader of what your essay was all about. This is particularly important if your essay is very long; the audience will probably have forgotten what the essay was all about. We get someone to write your essay at affordable rates.

Leave your readers with something to think about

A good conclusion leaves readers begging for more. You want to leave a lasting impression on the readers mind. Use simple words when concluding and avoid using “in conclusion” as readers already know that you are concluding. You should demonstrate to the readers the strength of your ideas and it should always end in a positive note. Avoid bring new ideas to in the conclusion paragraph. Finish it with a memorable punch line.

Writing that perfect conclusion is not easy and many writers spend a lot of time just writing one. You may need to read your thesis again so that as to remind yourself of key points in the essay. Essayassistants has expert writers who will help you write perfect conclusions.


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