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How you to write the best college application essay

You are excited that you are done with High school and it is time to enter a new phase of your life. College life is exciting and it is that crucial step in becoming an adult. Most colleges will require you to write a college essay application. This application enables the college to learn more about you. There are no universal rules about writing the essay but there are a few tips in helping you submit the best essay, that will help administrators make a positive review on your application.


While students spend many hours on the essay college administrators take very few minutes reading your essay, so be short and precise when writing the essay. We have taken the liberty to highlight for you some tips on writing the best college application essay.

Factors college essay writers should consider when writing a college application essay

Be yourself

There can be pressure to produce that perfect essay which may lead students to plagiarize essays that they think are the best. If you are caught this can lead to disqualification of your application. The essay is all about you, college administrators want to know more about yourself. Be honest about yourself. The essay can be written on first person basis with the writer giving their own opinions on certain issues in the society.  You can write on why you think healthcare should be mandatory in all States and then highlight key points to support this.


Selecting a topic can be challenging and you may need to be more creative to avoid generic topics that many students have written about. Choose a topic that clearly reflects who you are. If you love animals you can select a topic that defends animal rights or that is against torture. The idea is to have something that clearly represents you as an individual. At essayassisants we help students select topics for essay application in colleges.


There is a tendency amongst students to wait till the very last day so as to begin there essay application. This will not only lead to you missing a deadline but it can lead to you submitting a sub-standard paper. Manage your time well to prevent being overwhelmed by work. The essay may look large so break it down into small portions, then each day finish one task. Within a few days you will have covered most of the essay with ease. Avoid being a last minute person; many unavoidable circumstances may appear which may hinder you from completing the essay. When you find yourself overwhelmed with college deadlines get professional college application essay writers who will complete your essay in no time.


When you are done with the essay ask your best friend or parent to proofread the essay for you. They can offer positive criticism helping you make the necessary changes to the essay. You can install a grammar check software to help you with spelling mistakes. Do not submit an essay with grammatical errors as this reflects badly on you.  It is good to have some else proofread your work because there mistakes that may not be captured by a grammar software. You can alternatively get expert writers to proof read your college essay application. Professional writers will check grammar errors, essay structure and whether your sentences add up.


The college administrators have a lot of essays to read in a day, so for you to have an edge you must come up with an original essay. Avoid common topics like politics and religion. Search for topics that have not being covered before or that are relatively new in the market. Be concise and avoid repetition. Avoid very long sentences and paragraphs, have the reader in mind when construction sentences. Use simple words, you can be tempted to right very big words in an attempt to impress the judges. Make the essay interesting and avoid boring your readers. We have good essay writers to help you come up with good ideas for your college application essay.

You can borrow ideas from experienced writers in the web; what you need to add is put a twist to it to prevent plagiarism. When you borrow an idea add your own opinions to it and make the voice your own.


Do extensive research to support your ideas. If you are doing a thesis clearly bring out your key points first and then highlight them in the conclusion. Make good use of graphs and charts as this make your essay more credible and trustworthy. Graphs and charts also help explain complex ideas to the readers. They are easy to learn and convey various points in fast and clear way. Do not quote from others without giving credit to the source. Use hyperlinks and paraphrasing to reference your essay. Quote from authors who are industry leaders and who are well known.

Follow Instructions

If you have done many college applications you may think they are the same and ignore reading the instructions page. College administrators will strike out any student who has not followed the stipulated instructions. So before you start writing clearly find out what is required of you, ask for directions if you have to.


Most students become too nervous when writing a college application essay. Relax, this is not the end of the world. Read other essays done in the past, you will discover that they were not ward winning but where in fact simply written. The essay is all about you, so present the best version of yourself to the administrators. DO not try to be some else. Write from your heart and when done have a friend to review it. Also avoid checking and rechecking for mistakes, this will not only drive you nuts but it may end up destroying that perfect essay you had initially written.


When you are done presenting your ideas and supporting them with evidence it is time to now summarize them in the conclusion paragraph. Avoid repeating yourself but highlight the key points in your thesis and finally give the readers a verdict or your final thoughts on the subject matter. Your conclusion is that opportunity to lock in your readers and leave them with a good impression of the essay. Make it short and concise.


Most of the college application essay are between 250 and 600 words and use double spacing. The preferred font is 12 point New Roman Times with margins no greater than one. You should however read the instructions carefully for any other specifications. Sentences should be short with paragraphs to introduce new ideas. You can be asked to write about real life experiences that have shaped your life or how you overcome a certain obstacle.

Going to College is exciting and signifies growth. You are no longer a child but are transitioning into an adult. With many college applications getting sent a daily basis you will need to write one that stands out. A college essay enables you to market yourself in the best possible way. So be yourself when writing, write in your own voice and write about topics that you love. Be careful to follow all instructions given by college administrators. At essayassistants we have the best profesional college essay writers. Once you give us the order we will create a custom essay for you that will help you get admitted. We have worked with various college applicants and you can check their testimonials on our website. We have affordable rates and we keep our word when it comes to deadlines. Try essayassistants to order college essay writer.

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