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How can a writer overcome procrastination?

You know that there is an article you need to submit in the next one week; but this is the time that other things you need to do crop up. The garage all of a sudden needs to be cleaned, the lawn now looks disorganized and you need to take the family out. Writers tend to be great procrastinators and someone may wait till the very last minute to write that article. Many writers still have that awesome book still in their head, just waiting for that moment when it will be unleashed to the world. But, we all know that there is no perfect time to do something. You can also ask someone write my essay for me. At Essay service we have a dedicated team of writers who can pay to have that top notch essay.

You may be wondering how do I write that essay when am totally bored or can someone write my essay? This article explores some of the reasons you may be putting off work for a later time.

Factors that influence your decision to pay someone to write my Essay


Many writers tend to be perfectionists and they have this perfect essay in their head. So they will put off writing till they have all the best ideas in their head. This results in low self-confidence which continually hinders a writer from doing any meaningful work. Let’s agree on one thing, there is no perfect article, essay or novel. All have being written by flawed human beings who have pushed through after making one mistake after another.

If you fear making a mistake or you are wondering what other people will think of your piece then you need to do one thing; write. Write whatever comes to your mind without care of grammatical mistakes and structure. Make a first draft and tell yourself, I can edit this anytime. Then when you are refreshed, look at the draft again and edit it. You can also get cheap writers at essayassistant to write an essay for you realize- I need someone to write my essay.

Time Management

Just like in every job, one needs good time management skills to get things done. In this age of technology you can get yourself a timer app that lets you do certain amount of words per hour or per day. You will need to break a task into many small manageable tasks that you can easily do without overwhelming yourself. Also evaluate yourself to find out which are your most productive hours. Some people are most productive in the morning and some late at night. Come up with a schedule that works for you and stick to it. You can also inform friends and family members that this is time for you to get some writing. This helps with moral support and also keeps you accountable to them. If you lack the time to write you pay someone to write my essay at our website to prepare an essay for you.


This is usually one of the leading factors on why writers procrastinate on their work. Some will say they just don’t feel like writing and others will come up with many reasons why not to write. Motivation is like a drug that you need to keep having on a daily basis. You can try to evaluate the key reasons why you are doing what you are doing.

  • Ask the following questions;
  •  Why did I become I writer?
  • What do I stand to gain from writing this article?
  • What are the long term results from pursuing this course of action?

When you evaluative your factors for writing, you will find one that clearly realigns your goals. Just like going to the gym writing is not fun but you have to keep on writing to meet you goals.


In this digital era distractions can be many. You can start writing and remember you need to check up on your friends on Facebook, or there is a tweet you need to send. You may also be asked to throw the trash or catch up on your favorite shows. Distractions are real and if let loose can cause you to fall behind on certain deadlines. The only way to manage distractions is to stick to a writing schedule and switch off social media platforms. Allocate certain hours in a day to write, then lock yourself in a room and inform people that you need your time. If there is too much distraction to write anything you can always contact us and pay someone to write my essay for you.

Change of Environment

Monotony can be a contributor to your procrastination. If you keep doing the same topic over and over you will at same point suffer from fatigue and you may start hating writing. A change of scenery can help you get back on track. You can carry your laptop and travel upcountry and while under a tree surrounded by nature you will find your motivation finally coming back. If traveling is expensive try taking walks around your house or find a new café that you have not visited. This change in environment has the effect of making writing interesting as your brain associates it with such.

Personal Problems

You need to get to the root of your procrastination for you to continue writing. It could be that there are issues in your life that you may not be confronting like; marriage problems, burnout in your place of work or you could be suffering from various health problems. Once you have discovered the root cause you can then go ahead to cure it. Try various meditation exercises that help to relieve stress and help you find inner peace. Find a book that inspires you or your best music tunes and play them when you feel stressed. At the end of the day procrastination leads to more suffering and stress due to missed deadlines and low productivity.

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