How to identify scam writing services or How to buy an Essay online?

There a lot of writing services out there that let you buy an essay online. But, most of them are riddled with fraud. You will find a well-designed website that offers fast results, but after making payment, you discover that you have lost your money and the article is not ready.

Hackers are everywhere looking for innocent victims. They hide in websites that let you buy essay writing online. They may change the user interface in an effort to get your bank details. Once you key in your personal details, they may capture those details and re-route them to a remote server. From there they can just transfer funds from your account to theirs. One needs to do due diligence before deciding to buy an essays online.

When you make that decision to buy an essay online, they are some factors that you need to consider to avoid getting scammed

Content mills

This are websites that let you buy generic essays online. Writers write on general topics and then you can buy an essay that fits your assignment. One thing you will notice is that they offer very cheap essays at knock-off prices. A closer observation of the essays will reveal that most have been copy-pasted from other sites. The articles do not pass plagiarism tests by reputable plagiarism software like Copyscape.

When you want to buy essay online check for one that offers custom-tailored essays. This lets you interact with the writer directly hence eliminating the chances of fraud. Custom essays enable you to interact with the writers on skype, which lets you ask the writer questions.

Poor Grammar

One general characteristic found with many spam writers is that they write essays with poor grammar. You will notice that paragraphs are not related to each other. The writing is clumsy, and sentences are disjointed. This is because they have simple copy pasted texts from different websites.

When you buy an essay online from a reputable site, you will find that writers have well-structured articles. Since they are experts, they will take good care to build upon ideas and produce substantiated arguments that make sense when added to other ideas in the essay.

Scam writing services do not bother with charts and graphs. This makes reading and understanding the essays very difficult.

Payment Options

When you buy an essay online, you should check the terms of payment before making an order. Scams are always insisting on taking your payment without fully understanding the scope of work required. Any online platform that requires you to pay upfront before any work has been done should raise concerns.

When you buying essays online ensure that the website has accreditation from reputable organizations that the site is secure for online payments. You may need to check where the company was formed and where it is located. Most scam companies tend not to have physical addresses. They operate virtual offices, and this may make it hard to follow up with legal authorities in case you have been scammed.

Academic Qualifications

You should check what kind of qualifications the writers have. Scams are usually run by people who do not have any industry expertise in particular fields. You can detect this from the style of writing. When you buy an essay that lacks in-depth research, you should try to avoid them as much as possible. Before engaging a writer in writing your essay, you should request them to furnish you with their qualifications and a list of dissertations they have done before. Experienced writers usually have published articles in popular magazines.

Do not buy an essay online from a writer who is unable to provide you with samples of previous work. The sample will help you identify the writer’s style and skill. False qualifications are usually a sign that you are dealing with a scamming writer.

Poor Customer service

Be on the lookout for websites that take a lot of time to respond to customer queries. When you want to buy an essay online, but you realize that it is very hard to even communicate with writers directly then, you need to raise a red flag. Virtual offices with no physical offices tend to offer few, or no customer cares services. The other thing to look for is unreturned emails besides numerous requests or a lack of professionalism by the customer care team.

The internet has advanced a lot, and most websites now offer instant customer care chats. This lets you get instant response to queries. The best websites to essays online to buy offer this service.

Hidden Charges

When you buy an essay online, you should be able to get the full financial cost of the service upfront. Most trustworthy services offer structured payments and offer a money back guarantee. You also work closely with the writers who keep you up to date on various changes and developments. Scam writers have many hidden charges that keep popping up as you have your essay written. The initial fee may look cheap, but when you put together all the costs, you will realize that they are way too expensive and a scam.

Testimonials and referrals

Legitimate writers tend to leave a good report with satisfied customers. You can check websites to see testimonials from clients. You should raise the red flag where you see many customer complaints. Before you buy essays online, you may need to join various social media writers platform. Popular website scams are usually identified, and their details shared online.

You can also ask friends for referrals from established writers. You can then select one which suits your needs. Good writers tend to be industry experts and their reputation mostly precedes them.

There are lots of scam writer out there, and people need to keep their eyes open. The quality of work produced by a writer helps you separate genuine people and the fakes. You will need to network and look for any published articles from writers to make an informed decision. You should also compare different rates offered by different websites to gather an industry average. Websites that are too cheap or too expensive should be avoided.

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