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How to become the Best Essay Writer

Writing is a skill that requires lots of hard work and persistence. You may admire a best seller writer and think it’s kind of cool having lots of publicity and money. But, if you dig deeper into their lives you will discover that they have put in a lot of work to be where they are. Many successful writers will attest to failing several times just to get where they are.


For every one book in the best seller there are many others that did not make it to the publisher’s desk. At essay service, we have the best essay writers to help you along the way. This article explores tips to being a top rated writer.

Factors to consider if you want to be the Best Essay writer

Hard Work

Writing requires that you put in extra hours, the best writers put in a lot of hours per day. You will be required to wake up earlier than other people or spend extra hours late in the night just to write that book. For you to succeed you will need to be persistent with your writing goals. Commit to writing a certain amount of words per day and stick to the plan even when your body does not feel like it. Writing a 1,000 page book can be daunting but if you break it into small bits it can be manageable. And after that you will need to have your book published and then market it. Not forgetting endless hours proofreading and editing. All this will consume a considerable amount of your time. You can get best online essay writer to proofread your work.

Reading books from the best essay writers

For you to be the best essay writer you need to read a lot. Even the most accomplished writers read a book at least once a week. Your television set and social media platforms are your greatest enemy in achieving your goal of being an avid reader. Reading helps in improving your vocabulary and improves your brain muscles. There are lots of genres you can try from autobiographies, thrillers, fiction and nonfiction.  The list is endless, commit to reading a certain amount of books per month and with time you will become an avid reader.

Shutting off your inner critic

When you start writing you will realize that you are your worst enemy. The inner voice of doubt will try to keep you from moving forward. You will need to have a lot of optimism for those days when you simply don’t feel like writing. You will need to believe in yourself and the potential that lies within you. Every writer was average when starting out but through constant writing they have being able to grow and improve. You can get someone to write for you your essay when the going gets tough and you lack the time to finish the essay.

Write from your heart

When you embark on this journey to write you will face a lot of criticism and you will feel like giving up. But, you will need to persist. Start by writing on topics that you love. Do not at first write for an audience but write for yourself first. As you gain more confidence so will your writing. When you are writing an essay begin with the areas you feel most comfortable to write about first, then as you tick off items you will find you have done the hardest parts. We have a team of professional best essay writers that will deliver your essay before the deadline.


When writing you will need to shut off the rest of the world so that you can tap into that creative part of you. You will need to inform family members of your private time so that you can minimize distractions. Some writers choose to travel to an isolated part where they are surrounded by nature. This helps most of them tap into their creative side. In case you do not have money for travelling you can choose to have a desk and a chair in the quietest place in your house.  It’s during your quiet time that ideas begin flowing.

Simple Words

Most great writers have being able to pass their message using very simple words. You may be thinking that using very large and complex words will make you a great writer. But, this is not true, your audience seeks to understand you and complex words will keep them away. Avoid using very long paragraphs. For your first draft do not concern yourself with grammatical errors; these will come later when you are proofreading and editing. You can get the best essay writer at essay assistants to edit your work or to help you with your writing.

Art of description

If you plan to write fictional stories make good use of the art of description writing. Create in the readers mind images by using words. The reader when reading your story should feel as if they are in the story themselves. Description is a balancing act, ensure you do not lose your readers or bore them through the use of many words. Create suspense in your plot; leave your readers craving for more. Do not reveal everything at the beginning but divulge information in bits. Do not overwhelm your audience with too much research but use it in subtle ways. We have top essay writers who will write for you a descriptive essay at affordable rates.

Create emotion in your writing

The reason people love romantic books is because it arouses their emotions. Use humor if you have too but be careful not to offend your readers. Ensure that the audience is fully engaged in what you are writing; make them cry if you have to. Readers will keep coming back to stories that they relate to. Handle topics that are relevant and current.

Find your voice

When you begin writing you may be tempted to write like someone else but this only makes you a fraud. Find your own voice; readers connect with writers who are authentic. Do whatever it takes to find your own voice as a writer; it can take months or years but it will be worth it. One way of connecting with your audience is putting your own experiences and emotions out there. Your job as a writer is to transfer your own ideas, emotions and experiences to the readers mind. Your words are the medium and tool to do this.

Rest after the first draft

After you have written your draft take some rest, a day or two is okay. Then come back to the draft and read it again. You will discover that there ideas that you may have missed and you can then add them. Taking a rest lets you look at your draft from a different perspective. Allow yourself the right to make mistakes with the first draft then begin editing it. Writers need to rest so that they can be more creative. Those who don’t suffer from fatigue and there writing with time becomes sluggish.


Once you are done writing and proof reading you will need to market your article. That book will need to go to a publisher and then you will have to promote your book to readers. This will involve tours and book signing. You can get an agency to do the marketing for you at a fee.

Getting a best seller is not an easy task. The process is usually very long but you will get there eventually if you remain positive and put in the extra work. You can check our team of top expert essay writers who deliver essays on time.

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